Back To Basics: Feedback Manager

Back To Basics: Feedback Manager

What is the Feedback Manager?

Acoustic feedback in hearing aids is the high-pitched whistling sound that you may have heard from some older hearing aids. It is a result of the amplified sound leaking out the ear canal and being picked up by the microphone of the hearing aid. Fortunately, feedback is now much less common because most digital hearing aids have a feedback manager that reduces feedback.

Manufacturers differ in the way that feedback is controlled, but overall, the system tend to work by monitoring for feedback and if it occurs (or is on the cusp of occuring), manipulates the signal in some fashion to remove or minimize the risk of feedback. The probability of feedback also depends on the configuration and severity of the hearing loss, as well as the fit of the instrument.

What does it mean for you?

Hearing aids with a well designed feedback manager and a good fit should only “whistle” when the hand is cupped over the hearing aid. So, with an appropriate fit and level of technology, you shouldn’t have to worry about your hearing aid squealing at inopportune times.